Kerala Lottery Result Today, Get Accurate Result Super Fast

Kerala, the beautiful land, is becoming rich day by day. The Kerala lottery gives an opportunity that is the once in a lifetime opportunity and changes your life forever. The Kerala lottery result today is viral, and more people are buying these tickets today. In 1967 the State Government of Kerala decided to eradicate the unemployment problem among youth. 

It also created a sustainable financial stream to stabilize the government and the state’s people.  In those years, the Kerala lottery changed the lives of hundreds of people and brought happiness to millions of families. Maybe you are the next Lakhpati.

Kerala lottery result today live On live TV when multiple effects are announced, like monthly and a bumper lottery that are told around 2 p.m., but mostly it starts at 2:55 p.m. The state pdf file is uploaded around 3:55 p.m. It’s hardly 3 to 5 minutes late. Once the result is told, you can get that before anyone else.

Why You Should Buy Kerala Lottery

Kerala lottery benefit is that it is regulated by the State Government this is the only legal lottery available in Kerala. These Lottery tickets sell through an estate agent which is appointed by the Director state in the taxation department. The status of a lottery that is sold online or by a private seller is banned by the government in Kerala.

  Some other benefits are it’s easy to claim your prize money and the best lottery network from where you can get lottery tickets very easily. 

 Kerala Lottery Result Today

Kerala Lottery Chart Result

Today Result

29-05-2024Vishu Bumper BR 97 Official Result

Kerala Lottery Result Today Wining Ticket Generator

Kerala Lottery Monthly Chart

28-05-2024Sthree Sakthi SS 417 Official Result
27-05-2024Win Win W-771 Official Result
26-05-2024Akshaya AK 653 Official Result
25-05-2024Karunya KR 655 Official Result
24-05-2024Nirmal NR 381 Official Result
23-05-2024Karunya Plus KN 523 Official Result
22-05-2024Fifty Fifty FF 96 Official Result
21-05-2024Sthree Sakthi SS 416 Official Result
20-05-2024Win Win W-770 Official Result
19-05-2024Akshaya AK 652 Official Result
18-05-2024Karunya KR 654 Official Result
17-05-2024Nirmal NR 380 Official Result
16-05-2024Karunya Plus KN 522 Official Result
15-05-2024Fifty Fifty FF 95 Official Result
14-05-2024Sthree Sakthi SS 415 Official Result
13-05-2024Win Win W-769 Official Result
12-05-2024Akshaya AK 651 Official Result
11-05-2024Karunya KR 653 Official Result
10-05-2024Nirmal NR 379 Official Result
09-05-2024Karunya Plus KN 521 Official Result
08-05-2024Fifty Fifty FF 94 Official Result
07-05-2024Sthree Sakthi SS 414 Official Result
06-05-2024Win Win W-768 Official Result
05-05-2024Akshaya AK 650 Official Result
04-05-2024Karunya KR 652 Official Result
03-05-2024Nirmal NR 378 Official Result
02-05-2024Karunya Plus KN 520 Official Result
30-04-2024Sthree Sakthi SS 413 Official Result
29-04-2024Win Win W-767 Official Result

How To Claim The Kerala Lottery Result Today

After your luck support you and you get the winning lottery, here are some step to claim your price

  • STEP 1  Time period to claim your prize

 After winning the lottery, you need to claim your prize within 30 days and submit your winning lottery ticket with the required document.

  •  Step 2 where to submit your ticket

 A price that is below 1 lakh can be submitted directly to the Dedicated lottery office.

  •  Prices of more than 1 lakh

 What price can we claim now from the District lottery office 

List To whom you address a letter in a letter when claiming the specific winning price.

List of Where to submit your Kerala lottery wining ticket
Kerala lottery winning ticket submission

Process Of  Submitting Lottery Ticket In Banks

 You can only submit Your Lotteries to the state or district banks or banks owned by the state. You need 3 additional documents along with the With mandatory documents, and winning the 3 Bank documents are

1. A letter of authorization in which you authorize the Specific Bank mentioned in the form.

 2. A letter of a certificate from the collecting Bank in which they acknowledge the receiver requires a document.

3. You get a letter of receipt from the Bank as proof of submission.

Mandatory Document Requirement With Winning Lottery Ticket

These are the document that you must attach with your winning Ticket

Both sides are a photocopy of a Lottery ticket And shelf attested 

In case a minor win the lottery, The Guardian document is required to be certified by any relevant authority.

  1. A copy of the PAN card, which is self-attested 
  2. Any other additional documentation required to prove your identity must also be attested. Any one of the following can be provided to confirm your identity.
  3. Passport
  4. Driving license 
  5. Ration card
  6. Election ID card 
  7. (note: between 3 to 5 one is required)
  8. The winner must be attached to 2 passport-size photos from Gazetted Officer/Notary.
  9. If the joint winner wants to claim the prize, they must provide a 50 rupees stamp paper joint declaration form.
  10. Specific the 1 rupee stamp paper document With the particular format can be downloaded here:

Kerala lottery result Announcement

Kerala lottery today is divided into three major categories:

  • Weekly lottery results
  • Bumper lottery
  • Monthly Lotteries

Weekly lottery 

The weekly lottery result is as follows

Price of the weekly lottery

 The price of the weekly lottery is 20, 30,  and 50 rupees 

The WeekdayLottery names
Sunday50-50 lottery result  or fifty-fifty lottery result
MondayWin Win Lottery result 
TuesdaySthree Sakthi Lottery result
WednesdayAkshaya Lottery result
ThursdayKarunya Plus lottery result
FridayNirmal Lottery result
SaturdayKarunya lottery result

Bumper Lotteries

 Bumper lottery announces 6 events that are celebrated in the state of Kerala which are:

Bumper notice
New Year and Christmas Eve

Price of  Bumper Lottery:

 The Bumper Lottery will cause you around 100 and 200 rupees.

Monthly Lottery Result

 The monthly lottery announces at the end of every month.

Kerala lottery Agent List

 you can only get  lottery tickets from the registered agent in the state here is the list of the Registered Agent for the Kerala lottery result:

List of every authorized agent in Kerala for Kerala lottery result today.
Kerala lottery result today Agent list

Kerala Lottery Result

In the realm of chance and fortune, the anticipation surrounding the Kerala Lottery Result is palpable. Today, as individuals across the state of Kerala eagerly await the revelation of their fate, the air is thick with excitement and hope. The Kerala Lottery Result has become an integral part of the lives of many, offering a glimmer of optimism in a world often fraught with challenges.

The Kerala Lottery Result chart for 2022 stands as a testament to the rollercoaster of emotions experienced by countless participants throughout the year. It encapsulates the highs and lows, the jubilant victories, and the moments of profound disappointment. Each entry on the Kerala Lottery chart serves as a poignant reminder of the dreams and aspirations of those who place their faith in the lottery’s whims.

Today, as the Kerala Lottery Result is unveiled, the state holds its collective breath. It’s not just about numbers; it’s about dreams coming true, about destinies being rewritten. The Kerala Lottery Result today could transform a mundane existence into one filled with luxury and opportunity. It has the power to uplift, provide solace, and offer a glint of hope in the darkest of hours.

The Kerala Lottery Result jackpot, often referred to as the “ultimate dream-catcher,” is the pinnacle of what participants aspire to achieve. The mere thought of clinching the Kerala Lottery jackpot result sends shivers down the spine and sets hearts racing. It is a testament to the power of hope and the profound impact that a single ticket can have on someone’s life.

As the Kerala Lottery Result is broadcast to the masses today, let us not forget the emotional rollercoaster that participants have endured throughout the year. The Kerala Lottery result chart 2022 and the accompanying Kerala Lottery monthly chart tell a story of resilience, tenacity, and unwavering faith. Today, we bear witness to the culmination of their journey, as the Kerala Lottery today result unfolds before our eyes.

Tax Detection On Kerala Lottery Result Today

These are the following tax that can be applied to each lottery.

  1. The total amount of lottery you purchase, 12%, is considered a General sales tax. For example, if you buy a Lottery ticket of Rs 50/=,  Rs 6/= is detected as GST.
  2. If the prize money exceeds 10000 rupees, income tax is applied to Your winning prize. It is currently at 30% and is entitled to be collected by the central government. Suppose you win 10000 rupees, 3000 will be here income tax.
  3. If the agent claims the prize money, the additional 10% is detected as an income tax, meaning you get only 90% of the prize money from the agent.

Pros And Cons


  • Reliable and Secure as its own by the states.
  • The biggest network of agents.
  • Huge prizes are based on monthly weekly and event-based.
  • Easy claim through agent Bank.
  • The highest no fraud in this lottery.
  • Partiality is maintained as its announcement on different TV stations at a specific time.


  • The only lottery can be bought from Kerala state not sold outside the state.
  • To claim, you need to visit the state.
  • Digital lottery Is not available


Yes, the lottery ticket needs to be stamped by the agent from where you bought the lottery ticket. Also, complete information and the agency number are mentioned on your passport.

No, the bumper price ticket is only available for the event which is celebrated in the state of Kerala.

Yes, the lottery is run by the government of Kerala, and it’s wholly legal, But no lottery other than the Kerala lottery is permitted in the state of Kerala.

No, under any circumstance, an agent is allowed to sell the ticket above the price mentioned on the ticket. you can report the search agent to their authorities as it is illegal in the state of Kerala.

No, the state prohibited the sale of a ticket online. Only the actual key is accepted for the prize money.

The weekly result was announced at 2:55 p.m.It can be late when an additional effect like a monthly or bumper price ticket is also reported.


Kerala lottery is one of the most popular and reliable lotteries in India. The state of Kerala runs it, so there is no chance of fraud in winning the prize. Every instruction is evident by the state of Kerala, so it became a more regular lottery.

 Kerala lottery changes your life and becomes most successful by winning different prizes. The prize money offered by the Kerala lotteries is high, and you can win that money daily and try your luck on the bumper and monthly lottery. Go and buy your winning lottery and try your luck today.